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kelly-bond-photography-TEL_8310Ian Bartlett – Founder Prior to his conversion in 2010, Ian Bartlett spent much of his adult life in prison or carrying out crimes to support his own gambling addiction; which destroyed his personal life.  After God stepped into his life, he rose to the challenge he believed he had been given, to “confront the status quo of gambling in the UK” and  founded GamServe in 2013.  Find out more. Sadly, Ian passed away in November 2017 .



Pam Bartlett Pam married Ian in 2016 and since then has worked closely to support his campaign. She is keen to raise awareness of issues around problem gambling, having heard Ian’s story and those of others affected by this often hidden addiction.



Adam Lomas – (Ex Vice President of Shell International) Amongst many others things, gambling and the pressures that the irresponsible use of money place on family life concern me.  Ian Bartlett’s initiative to help people understand this better is something I wish to support and endorse the work of GamServe.  Adam spent 35 years working for Shell International as a Sub-Surface Analyst, Petroleum Engineering Team Leader and Technical Director around the world.  Find out more



Justyn Rees Larcombe As Justyn says in his book ‘Tails I Lose’, “I am no psychologist or professor of addictive behaviour.  I just want to share my story in the hope that, in a world of instant gratification and a growing social acceptance of gambling as a legitimate activity, the truth that gambling can and does shatter lives will be accepted and acknowledged by the public, the betting industry and the government.” Find out more     You can contact us via email: info@gamserve.org.uk

Working for change in the gambling industry…