Evidence shows that there are disproportional problem gamblers in the prison population to that of normal society?
There are no rehabilitation schemes for gamblers in the criminal justice system, although these exist for alcohol and drug addicts?
The Gambling Act 2005 was intended to make gambling a legitimate leisure activity?
The are over 500,000 gambling addicts in the UK?
There are now 1.4 million hours of gambling advertising on television and this grows annually?
There is evidence that workers in the gambling industry are incentivized to increase turnover on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, in opposition to the industry’s own code of practice?
The body responsible for directing gambling research in the UK is chaired by a representative of one of the UK’s largest gambling businesses?
There are more betting shops in the UK than there are Newsagents?

Young people today are the first generation to grow up with gambling being accepted by society as a normal leisure activity. This is not an accident, it was planned by this country’s leaders for economic purposes.

But for many it is a nightmare come true.